Horse Care

   Horses are kept in an environment that simulates the living conditions of wild horses while still attending to individual needs.  The track system promotes movement over different terrain. Herds are created per horses dietary and social needs.


   Horses living on the tracks are provided with free-choice minerals and salt.  They are fed a daily ration formulated specifically for the Horse First Farm and then adjusted to fit each horse’s individual needs.  This feed is a combination of Beat Pulp, Soybeans, and Flax with added minerals, pro-biotics and pre-biotics.


*Hay tested for safety and nutritional value is fed on the tracks in slow feeder hay nets or boxes allowing horses to have continual access to forage.


*Walled shelters are available on each track for shade and protection from the weather.


*There are 12 ft. by 20 ft. pens with adjoining stalls available for horses requiring their own space for recovery or dietary needs.


*The Horse First promotes healthy, holistic horse care through a parasite monitoring system.


*Staff perform daily health check of each horse.

Horse Board

Natural Track Board: $400

Includes daily feed, health check and quality hay.

Temporary Board in Pens:
$20 per day, $125 per week, $500 per month (+tax)
Pens are available for horses as a temporary living situation, such as, for training or health reasons.

Temporary Board in Stalls 24 hours:
$25 per day, $150 per week, $600 per month (+tax)
Stalls are available for horses as a temporary living situation, such as, for extreme inclement weather or health reasons. Current outdoor boarders may rent a stall for $10 per night.

Multiple Horse Discount! 5% Off
For owners of multiple horses, we offer a discount on additional horses.
For horses in different tiers of boarding, the discount will apply to the lesser amount(s).


The Horse First
5594 Alpine Road • Brooklyn, WI 53521
 (608) 886-8999

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